Hi. My name is Lindsey and I am the founder of Beartooth Candle Company.  I am a mom of two sweet boys, wife to an amazing and supportive husband, a nurse at a local hospital, and now chandler (a fancy word for someone who makes candles).  A quality candle is important to me.  When I was unable to find my preferred candles during the pandemic, I decided to make my own.  I spent the last two years learning the science and testing and developing my products to ensure my candles were as good or even better than the ones I used to purchase: a candle that puts out a wonderful scent and burns slowly and cleanly.  After a lot of hard work, I have accomplished that goal.  While I will also continue to test and improve my products, I am confident you will be happy with Beartooth Candle Co.'s candles. 

If you have questions, have a suggestion, or see a fragrance you would like that is out of stock, please email me at beartoothcandlecompany@gmail.com.  Thank you for supporting my small business!